Monday, April 14, 2014

Currently Coveting | Matalan

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Matalan!!! Who'd have funk it. 
I love Matalan its so cheap and just really good quality. I was just browsing the Matalan website and just come across so many things i want.
I love this digital printed jumper (1) it would look great with jeans, i always think that grey marl always looks good with jeans of any colour and as this top has the big bold pattern on front i think its nice that the sleeves are plain. I think it would even look great half tucked into this pink midi skirt, how lovely is the mesh cut out detail.
I love all the above pieces and what with the weather getting warmer and summer shining through i really need to ditch my grey jumpers and start looking like a girl again. 
Matalan i salute you i shall be in your shop at the weekend ;)

*this isn't sponsored i genuinely love all these pieces!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Life | Bassbuds

Headphones - C/o BassBuds

How amazing are these!!!
Bassbuds have kindly sent me these blingtastic earphones to share with you guys and i couldn't be more excited to show you!
I'm like most a full on music addict i cant go anywhere without my earphones they are such an important item in my handbag so when this opportunity crossed my inbox i jumped at the chance to share.
Now I'm not completely sure when these will go on sale but they have so many different colourways to choose from if you want to get your hands on some now. They are an English brand and you can buy them from the bassbuds website directly.
These earphone are amazing! For starters they have flipping swarovski crystals in the earphones and they are 24 carat gold plated! They sound great and the wire has a plastic coating so they wont get tangled, there is nothing worse then spending an entire bus ride trying to untangle earphones that in itself just sells it for me!
Also something i have never come across before is these earphones come with a set of memory foam ear buds which i can honestly say are the most comfortable things i have ever experienced!
A massive thanks so Bassbuds for these and again if you want to see more of the collection you can view there over on the Bassbuds website.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outfit | ACNE (the good kind)

 Jumper - Romwe
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Next
Hat - Carhartt

These pictures were taken so many weeks ago, but you might have noticed i haven't blogged for ages so here is my half assed attempt at a comeback ;)

Ive seen this Acne Studios jumper everywhere in the blogasphere and when i found this one Romwe i was ecstatic because lets face it not everyone has stupid money to spend on a jumper! That being said i don't like it. On Romwe this just said one size so i thought id chance my luck and it really wasn't mega bucks (under £20) but i like my jumpers long and baggy and well just massive and this isn't its more S/M. 

Sorry about the jeans again but i can honestly say i own about 7 pairs and therefore when i take pictures I'm normally wearing a pair. I find Primark jeans amazing they fit me so well unlike Topshop, Miss Selfridge where i find their sizes stupidly small, and also with Primark I've found these are the only jeans that don't make knee pokes after 10 minutes of walking and for reference these are the super high waisted jeans for about £10.

On that note I'm off as i have a child running round with a Lightsaber! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Wishlist | Pastel everything

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Just a few things I've found on my travels around the Internet.
I'm so crazy about pastels - i never thought id say that but wrap me up and dress me like a Parma Violet I'm mad for them!
Seeing pastel colours on the high street already just remind me that summer isn't far and i need to ditch the black palette.
This summer i will only be in culottes - something i haven't said since i was 5 but after seeing Boohoo's selection of culottes I'm excited to see what other stores will produce. These floral culottes are amazing i may just even order them now!

This wish list has just made me so poor!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Outfit | Tartan

Top / Jeans - Primark
Coat - Vintage
Shoes - Next (similar here)
Hat - Vintage (similar here)

I haven't managed to get myself out of these black jeans for ages it seems. I have 3 pair that are exactly the same i just rotate them when washing day comes. I doubt I'm alone in stockpiling jeans - when you find the pair that fits perfectly you stock up! 

I took a trip down the charity shop I'm sure they will make me pay rent soon i practically live in there, but i spotted this amazing tartan cape esque coat and for only £6. This is so warm and goes amazing with black jeans, i grabbed this hat for only £1 as well.
Apart from bargain hunting and being ill 24/7 i have no other news.

Also i must just add my boyfriend took these pictures last Sunday for me as opposite my flat we have this really cute little church, unbeknown to us Sunday service was going on, so while these pictures were being taken i had the whole church wondering what the fuck i was doing posing in their doorway on such a holy occasion! Awkward!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life | Has the internet changed the way you shop online?

Hi guys.
I thought I would create a different style of post today focusing more on how the Internet has changed the way we shop online.  
I grew up with the Internet being pretty accessible, but expensive to run thanks to dial up. If like me you were rationed on how long you could stay on the Internet before someone needs to use the phone you'll know that you barely had enough time to sign out of MSN let alone order something.
I honestly don't know what I would do without the Internet though now. I waited two weeks to get it installed when I moved out and I was literally dying to check everything when I was finally 'back online', so to think of a time when we didn't have everything right at our fingertips and had to actually go into a shop to 'shop' and a 'real till' to pay seems odd that that was the only way we could buy things.
I have so many different things that I use the Internet on from my phone for everyday things mainly refreshing my Instagram (we all do it) to my iPad for when I'm in bed and want to shop but can’t be bothered to plug in the laptop even the tele lets me browse just in case I need a bigger screen to make checkout on those Zara heels I can’t afford but want because the magazine I downloaded on the iPad told me they are hot shit.

I rely so heavily on the Internet for my day to day needs and what’s even better is when all the shops in real brick buildings are shut at 5.30pm I can shop all night if I want from the comfort of my warm bed. What makes online shopping even more appealing is free delivery. Gets me every time!
If I'm not buying fashion I'm reading about it on the Internet as well. Sites like Bloglovin' Vogue are so easy to look through you can see up and coming trends, stream catwalk shows, stalk admire celebrity fashion anywhere you go.

As a fashion blogger I need Internet access 24/7 which I'm lucky to have. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc. and they are all powered with the Internet sometimes I go to sleep and wake up at stupid o'clock wide awake so I just sit browsing H&M or Boohoo.
To know I'm able to make an online order at 9pm and definitely get it the next morning is such a relief sometimes, because we all have those moments where we have nothing to wear and tomorrow is a big day this all just makes life so much simpler.

So how much do you realise the Internet has changed the way you shop online or even be online?
I'd love to hear if you guys rely on it as much as I do you can tweet me if you want :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Outfit | Baby Blue

 Jumper - Primark (similar here)
Trousers - H&M
Trainers - Nike Free Run 3.0
Bag - M&S

I do love big baggy jumpers. I found this in Primark for £10 and instantly fell in love with it. They do it in other colours as well like pastel pink, peach, black... I brought this in a size 16 because i love my jumpers over sized normally I'm a 10 for reference.

I'm living in these trousers recently I'm washing them like every other day just to wear them again because they are just so comfy. They remind me of something Celine would bring out as well.
They were only £7 in the sale too which is a complete bargain. H&M have so many amazing key pieces in stores right now and its such good value for money.

Anyway enough of me rambling on.